Why Darren James Finally Switched to using Chime CRM | Weekly Chime's
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Why Darren James Finally Switched to using Chime CRM

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This is the 83rd episode of Weekly Chime. In this episode, we will bring in Darren James, Team Leader at Darren James & Assoc. brokered by eXp Realty. He is the #1 Individual Realtor in the State of Louisiana for eXp Realty 2016-2021 AND the #1 Standard Team in Louisiana for eXp Realty 2016-2021. Darren will share why he FINALLY made a move to Chime and how he and his team transitioned to it so seamlessly. He will also go over his favorite and the most impactful Chime features for his business. So if you’re new to Chime and are still figuring out how to effectively transition like Darren, this episode is for you!