The Ultimate Script for Reconnecting with Past Clients | Weekly Chime's
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The Ultimate Script for Reconnecting with Past Clients

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This is the 71st Episode of Weekly Chime. We’re talking to Tristan Ahumada, CEO and Co-Founder of Lab Coat Agents, and he’s giving us The Ultimate Script for Reconnecting with your Past Clients! We’re about halfway through the year, and there’s definitely a ton of noise and disruptions in our industry today, so have you fallen out of touch with some past real estate clients? Do you need new, freshers, up-to-date scripts to help you reconnect with past real estate clients? Since it can be difficult to consistently keep in touch with them, especially as your business progresses and your database grows, the good news is that it’s never too late to reconnect, and Tristan Ahumada is here to help!