Succeeding With Online Leads and Chime | Weekly Chime's
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Succeeding With Online Leads and Chime

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This is the thirty-fifth episode of Weekly Chime. In this episode, we will bring back the soon-to-be Mrs. Carroll, Miss Ariel Blackwood! She will share her INCREDIBLY, and ENDLESS WINS with her online leads and Chime. Ariel is going on her first year as a realtor, and there is no doubt that she’s rockin’ it! We will go over strategies and processes that have got her succeeding in her 1st year as a realtor and a Chime user. PLUS, Ariel will show us what’s been a game-changer for her business and how Chime has continuously been her primary tool for the continued growth of her business! This will be a jam-packed interview you wouldn’t want to miss!