Slingshot to Success: Leveraging the Newest Updates in Chime | Weekly Chime's
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Slingshot to Success: Leveraging the Newest Updates in Chime

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This is the thirty-eighth episode of Weekly Chime. In this episode, let’s LEVERAGE the latest and greatest with Chime’s newest updates, and there is no man to better educate us on this than our very own CRM Coach, Mr. Adam Frank! He will go over the crucial parts of these new updates, one of which is Transaction Management and maintaining continuity in your database and transactions. Then, the planning of your Checklists to fit your business. Another part of the update is in the Smart Plans, how to CC family members on email, auto-pause upgrade for automation, and control timing “within” a range to deliver better timing accuracy and ensure everyone is accurately getting the right message. Whew! This is going to be jammed-packed. Get your questions ready as Adam is about to get into the nitty-gritty of these updates that you wouldn’t want to miss!