Open House Tablet App & its Best Practices | Weekly Chime's
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Open House Tablet App & its Best Practices

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This is the 82nd Episode of Weekly Chime. As a popular topic demand, we have our very own Megan Eckelman, the Product Operations Specialist at Chime, to give us a rundown of the Open House App and its BEST practices! Chime has published an Open House app designed for Apple and Android tablets. The features are the same as on the Chime web app (logging in via your computer), with one crucial difference being that you can use the tablet app offline to collect open house registrants and then synchronize them to your Chime CRM later when you have WiFi, etc. Megan will discuss how to set it up, how it works, and utilize this feature best! So if you haven’t tapped into this feature, this episode is for YOU!