Leveraging your Virtual Assistants with Chime | Weekly Chime's
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Leveraging your Virtual Assistants with Chime

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This is the thirty-seventh episode of Weekly Chime. Because you asked, we’re here to answer! In this episode, we’re getting A TON of your Virtual Assistant questions ANSWERED! Pavel Stepanov, the CEO of VirtuDesk, is joining us to help better navigate the world of VAs. He will break down the various Virtual Assistant positions utilized in the Real Estate industry. He will show you what those positions can accomplish, the list of tasks and responsibilities, and how to train them effectively. We all know that Tristan and Pavel have their processes and systems down to the T with their Virtual Assistant teams! Their real estate Virtual Assistant teams have continuously grown. So, if you’re still having a hard time setting up your VA team for your real estate business, or you want to know how your VAs can be trained in with Chime, then this is the episode you wouldn’t want to miss!