Home Valuation Conversation | Weekly Chime's
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Home Valuation Conversation

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This is the 88th episode of Weekly Chime. In this week’s episode, we sat down with Brett Baker, a nationally ranked real estate agent, coach, and high-level expert on the Chime platform. Brett turned our focus to Home Valuation and why now, more than ever, it’s essential to use the home valuation page to get in front of sellers. This episode is STUFFED with nuggets that you can implement immediately after. PLUS, Brett covered topics such as; ⁃ How to use the home valuation page in a shifting market. ⁃ How to use the data that the home valuation delivers to the lead to get in front of sellers. ⁃ What to do if the Home Valuation tool cannot provide value to the lead. ⁃ How to use Zillow’s Zestimate against them. We’ve been asking Brett to cover this content, and he is finally sat down and dished it out. Be sure to catch this episode!