Chime's 360 Digital Marketing Strategy | Weekly Chime's
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Chime’s 360 Digital Marketing Strategy

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This is the 75th Episode of Weekly Chime. In this episode, we’re bringing in Chime’s Digital Marketing Manager Chris Gonzales, to showcase Chime’s very own 360 Digital Marketing Strategy. Believe it or not, Chime is more than just digital marketing services that utilizes Facebook and Google; they’re a lot more than that! This marketing plan focuses on communicating a consistent message through all the mixed marketing elements like your branding assets. Chris will dive deep into how you can transform your Chime website into a lean, mean lead machine with SEO, lead capture, and conversion! PLUS, how you can utilize more of Chime with their print, organic (Text Codes, Open House and Door Knocking Apps) and digital features! So if you want to know if your website works effectively for you and your business, then you wouldn’t want to miss this!